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Get'N Out Tips

We've seen your photos, and now we want to hear your stories!

This tips forum is a place for sledders to share useful advice about how they got their snowmobile out after getting stuck or buried in the snow. As you read the Get'N Out stories, you can also leave helpful tips yourself or even ask some questions.

We hope you'll learn how to safely get your sled out or avoid getting stuck in the first place!

Think before you stop

Fresh copious amount of snow.

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Controlled Roll

Was taking pokes at a line on a weird angle, you had to come in on a sidehill with a lot of speed and there were some trenches from guys going up the hill. Hit a trench and got pointed uphill and sunk her in.

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Cat in a Hole

Riding in the meadows and dropped into a creek that was not really visible.

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Upside down in the trees.

sled rolled upside down into trees

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The Bottom Fell Out

Going home one last pow turn broke through old crusty layer and planted it.

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Snow is CRZY!

heading west on trail toward Inwood and hit a nice powder bank and oh oh look what happen!

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Road in Delta Beach

Riding with family! Could not believe how high the drifts where

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Rest stop in Whiteshell

Taking a break from driving from Southjunction!

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Hung up in willows

My brother in law was tangled up in some willows with the front end up in the air.

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And he got out!!!

Upon trying to get turned around, the fellow got trenched in on top of a rise... snow was pretty deep as you can see.

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and there i was

culvert+snow+sled=bad deal

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Large drift at the top of a hill, didnt quite make it.

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Any deep powder stuck scenario, especially when alone.

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How to Get Your Stuck Sled Out

We have all had this happen to us at one time or another. You are riding along and suddenly you find yourself sinking until you are finally stuck.

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