Behind The Contest

The idea for Sled’N Snap started in 2010 when Chris Brewer (CEO SSA) and Steve Whittington (Flaman Trailers) were talking at the end of Saskatoon's snowmobile trade show about how the two groups could work together. Flaman's first online photo contest, Stuck in the Muck, had been getting a lot of media attention. Chris and Steve thought they could do something together for sledding along the lines of Stuck in the Muck.

In June of 2011, Flaman Trailers presented the idea of Sled'N Snap to the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association. Chris and his board of directors loved it - as they should; Chris helped come up with the idea. After Saskatchewan was on board, they contacted Yvonne Rideout in Manitoba and Chris Brookes in Alberta, and by the end of the summer a partnership between all three organizations was formed to promote the sledding contest across Western Canada.

The first two years of the contest were a great success. There over 1700 photos entered from across western Canada in those two years. Sled’N Snap’s popularity caught the attention of Snowmobile North Dakota (SND) and they’ve joined the contest for the 2013-2014 year, making Sled’N Snap truly international. This coincides with the opening of an international snowmobile trail linking Saskatchewan and North Dakota, the first of its kind connecting the two snowmobile trail systems at the Port of Carievale. It’s the goal of Sask Snow and SND to join two top notch trail systems and make an amazing riding experience where the adventure will never end! This snowmobiling experience will see the Best in the West in Canada join together with the Best in the Mid-West in the USA.

Sled’N Snap has currently moved the contest to be Canadian only in 2017. There is a lot of behind the scenes work and resources that come together to make this contest happen. The snowmobile associations and Flaman donate time, prizes, and other resources to bring back the Sled N Snap contest for the 2018/19 snowmobile season. Check out our Associations Page for more information on your association, and visit for more information on these companies and their history, products, and services.

  • Chris Brookes

    Chris Brookes Alberta

  • Chris Brewer

    Chris Brewer Saskatchewan

  • Yvonne Rideout

    Yvonne Rideout Manitoba

  • Kari Wanner

    Keri Wanner North Dakota

  • Steve Whittington

    Steve Whittington Flaman Trailers