Get'N Out

How to Get Your Stuck Sled Out

The Situation:

We have all had this happen to us at one time or another. You are riding along and suddenly you find yourself sinking until you are finally stuck.

How We Got Unstuck:

Here are 6 easy steps to help you get out if you do find yourself stuck again.

  1. Take a few seconds to evaluate the situation. Look at the big picture to see what it will take to get the snowmobile moving again - a little extra effort in the beginning will save energy in the long run. If the sled has stopped while pointing uphill, you'll need to turn it downward a bit. If a packed trail is four feet to the left, then that will be the direction you'll have to turn the snowmobile.
  2. Walk around the snowmobile to pack the soft snow that it has bogged down in. This gives you a chance to feel the terrain and think about which way to pull the sled out.
  3. Pack a trail in front of the snowmobile and dig under its nose to create a clear path.
  4. Lift the rear of sled onto the uphill side of where it currently sits. If possible, have another person help you do this, as a snowmobile is quite heavy. The more you have packed out the snow, the easier this step will be.
  5. Stand with both feet on the uphill side of the machine. Have your helper pull the uphill ski in the desired direction while you give the engine some gas - you should be able to drive right out. If you start to bog down again, pack out the area where the track will sit and lift the sled again.
  6. Keep the snowmobile moving once you've gained any motion, and stop only when you are on a path or pointed downhill.

#1 Lesson Learned:

Watch out for depressions in the powder – these could be stream beds, which are extremely difficult to pull a sled from.

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